Blog 16

My recursive writing process First lets talk about my favorite reading strategy. My favorite is metacognition, because it helps me write stronger sentences. With this it helps me clearly write down my ideas and help me adjust them a bit for others to understand. My favorite brainstorming strategy is called mapping. Mapping is when you … [Read more…]

Blog 15

After revising a couple of students papers it help me realize what I want to talk about in this essay. They helped me with forming stronger sentences and gave me a little more detail on how to format my paper. I got some very useful information that I could use to help me write my … [Read more…]

Blog 12

I really enjoyed all the different presentations and perspectives of art. With each presentation came a different view of art and how it affects our lives. My personal favorite art presentation was Niki and Carla’s project about piano music. Here they talk about the southing, relaxing, and settling ways that piano music can make you … [Read more…]


PART 1: Begin to brainstorm how you plan to incorporate other media into your final essay. Include links and/or descriptions of media that you hope to use in your final essay and describe how these choices will work with your alphabetic text to better communicate your overall idea. Finally, attempt to label each source and … [Read more…]

Let’s Talk about Art The reason why I picked to write this essay is because its had to describe things in person, I much rather write about it making a greater impact and leaving the reader with their own thoughts and idea about this.   This piece is called Human vs. Nature. This piece instantly gave me feelings. … [Read more…]

Blog 10

After reading The Future of Science is Art, Jonah Lehirer, I believe I’ve come to the acknowledgement that art is part of science and without it we’d be nothing. Honestly you can’t do anything with out creativity. Like how did scientists create new inventions while thinking inside the box. They can’t. I can’t. You have … [Read more…]

Blog 9

Immediate Context: This article is called “Necessary Edges; Arts, and Education” it was written by Yo Yo Ma, and published on the World Post in 2014. Yo Yo Ma attended Juilliard school and than Harvard University. He is a very intelligent person that also loves to write songs He is quite famous for his Grammy … [Read more…]

Blog 8

After reading pages 42-50 in the book They Say I Say, I went over my essay and realized that my into to my quotes were pretty dull. So, I fix it by added who said it and then adding an explanation to what the quote means into my entry. After doing this reading my essay seemed … [Read more…]

Blog 7

After reading pages 17-28 in the Little Seagull, it help me transform my writing into a better creation. Before my writing was all over the place and wasn’t structured at all, and now it reads smoother and gives the reader a better understanding of point I’m trying to get across. It help me shape better … [Read more…]