Entry Pompt First Draft

KyLee Morrissette

English 110 C

Professor Emerson

4 February 2018

Writing Prompt 1

   After reading Rhys Southan’s, “Is Art a Waste of Time?” It kind of put me in the mindset that some art is worthless, and that helping people is way more important than art. Yet we all somehow just ignore the outside world and focus on art. Well, watching “How painting can transform communities” by Haas and Hahn, really directed my attention to how art isn’t worthless. That it is beautiful and meaningful. It also can help people get inspired to do good things, great things. Because even art can be a good deed.

   What Haas and Hahn did was they went around to these poor areas that had unfinished homes that looked really dirty, and unpleasant to look at. Here they helped by plaster peoples homes, then they painted them. This project wasn’t just about painting a home, they turning them into beautiful homes. They were making these places look friendly and colorful. It was very inspiring. They have turned many homes and communities into pieces of art that everyone can enjoy..

   People probably are wondering how this is helping them. Well, it helps because not only is it amazing to look at but it also is very inspiring. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the finished pieces. All those colors in a town that barely has anything. Not only did this make the community beautiful, but it also made the community come together to help each other in this process. Haas and Hahn had met so many people that were willing to help create art.

   When Haas and Hahn first started there project people had doubt. They had colored a home all blue. Turns out both the police station and the jail were blue. To the families living here this was a bad thing due to gang and police fights that go on throughout the days. But once they actually finished the piece with a boy flying a kite, people enjoined it. There was one problem though. One little boy walked up to Haas and Hahn and asked “Where’s the boy’s kite?” which created their response was,

“It’s art, just imagine it.” yet after that explanation the boy still wanted to see the kite.

   So, there next project was to make a kite, but the thing here is that the kite wasn’t on the next building. It was on a building all the way up the hill, making it look like the boy’s kite was actually flying high. I believe, that after they finished this project that it inspired many people of that community. It made them overlook their not so great situation and actually brought peace and beauty to the lives.

   Haas and Hahn didn’t just stop at that one city. After that they heard about this place where they have cement on hills to help stop mudslides. Well, once they got there and saw it they instantly thought about waves. So they hired a tattoo artist who specializes in Chinese style tattoos, to design their next project. This project took longer than the first one, but for people were willing to help. Once they finished the results were stunning. It went from a dull, cement hill to a work of art. They put a lot of detail into it and lots of color making it stand out.

   One other project that Haas and Hahn did was due to a challenge. They were asked if they could help turn one of the poorest towns into art. They took that challenge. The area they had to plaster and paint. The only thing was it took them a bit to come up with the designs. So they started to work on the whole street of this neighborhood in the United States. I believe this was the first time they actually did a project in the states.

What they did to this poor, unfortunate area was turned it from the slumps to a glorious masterpiece of color. There was color everywheres. All down the street looked like a beautiful rainbow. They brought life back into that community. It was all dull and broken down and everyone was afraid to go down that street, but now it gave a different impression. This not only makes the town look good but it also helps out with the people of the community. Changing their broken down houses into a fully finished beautiful homes.

The art wasn’t the only thing that was standing out. Haas and Hahn were standing out. They been working with many communities and grew bonds with them. They even stayed at a couple peoples homes for awhile. They said the best part was throwing a  barbecue. When they did this they met some many people that were thankful of there work and wanted to help. I would say they started an art movement throughout all those cities they’ve been to.

   He may have not done much to help the community but at least he help their living situations get better. So, basically they are going against everything Rhys and the EA thought was of good deeds. Rhys may actually like this due to his passion for the arts is still there but to the EA’s artwork is a waste of time. They believe that it doesn’t do any good to this world and think more people should be thinking about others. While here Haas and Hahn both created art but also helped out multiply communities gain a better living area. Not only is it better for their living its there to help people think. To get people inspired and help others.

   People just don’t get that art is in everything, and it also helps people. Like some people will listen to music to get there mind off something or just to feel something. It is the same way with these buildings. They are now live artwork. People can sit there and stare at the piece all day and it just makes you think, and sometimes if you get lucky you can be inspired to something for the better good.