Blog 16

My recursive writing process

First lets talk about my favorite reading strategy. My favorite is metacognition, because it helps me write stronger sentences. With this it helps me clearly write down my ideas and help me adjust them a bit for others to understand.

My favorite brainstorming strategy is called mapping. Mapping is when you hit every point you want to talk about and but it into sections which will eventually turn into paragraphs. Mapping helps me by reminding me what I want to talk about and why.

Next there is Drafting strategy. I like to write multiple different drafts. This way I can compare the two and if I leave information out of one I can easily find a way to add it in there somewheres.

Then we go revision strategies. My favorite is outside feedback, because to me my paper is always going to sound good. But yet with other people they can just tear apart your writing and help you create a new version that will be way better.

Lastly, my favorite polishing strategy is reading my paper out loud. It may seem weird at first but it really helps. Sometimes I like to write these sentences that sound amazing in my head but the first time I read it out loud I honestly don’t understand what I was thinking. This gives it a better flow and helps the writers to actually hear their thoughts.

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