Connecting Outside

This is my recursive writing process.Figure 1

Favorite Activity Reading Strategy: Comprehension

As you can see above in Figure 1, my Favorite Activity Reading Strategy is comprehension. For me to fully understand what I’m reading, by doing so I prefer to analyze each valid argument. Here I’m either looking up the meaning of these strong words. Thus giving me a better comprehension of the text. Comprehension is key to every strong essay. Every writer wants their readers to understand what they are saying.

Favorite Brainstorming strategy: Mapping

As you can see above in Figure 1, for my favorite brainstorming strategy is Mapping. Mapping really helps me to break down my plot on a paper or laptop. This way I can figure out what I’m arguing about correctly. This way I get every What if? or Why is it that way? sort of questions that pop up in readers heads. Once I answer fully, I try to put a little more edge to it. Here I have I go to my laptop and come up with multiple ways I could phrase that answer. This is why Mapping is my favorite brainstorming strategy.

Favorite Drafting Strategy: Multiple drafts

As you can see above in Figure 1, for my favorite drafting strategy I like to make multiple drafts. I know that may sound a tad bit silly, but again it works for me. One day I go in and write my essay, while the next day I write a completely new essay. With these multiple drafts I can really see where my strong arguments are. Thus helping me to pull some information from both and forming it into a completely new draft. This draft consists of information from the other drafts. Here I pick and pull sentences and find how I can make my argument more valid to the reader.

Favorite Revision Strategy: Outside feedback

As you can see above in Figure 1, for my favorite revision strategy is outside feedback. Personally, I am really bias when it comes to my writing. But sometimes outside feedback opens my eyes a bit. When my peers read my essay they strike my weak spots, opening up a new mindset. With this new mindset I can tackle my weak spots. Creating a brand new path to better essay.

Favorite Polishing Strategy: Reading out loud

As you can see above in Figure 1, my Favorite polishing strategy is reading out loud. This way I fully understand what I’m reading,  so I read my essay out loud to myself. It might be a bit silly, but it actually works. When I read my paper in my head I don’t fully get the sense of the flow. Thus why I find reading out my favorite polishing strategy.