About Me

Hi! My name is KyLee Morrissette, and I’m from Vassalboro, Maine. I’m currently studying Occupational Health and Wellness at the University of New England, located in Biddeford, Maine. So currently my hobbies are paintballing, archery, kayaking, and playing video games on my x-box. I’ve have this amazing boyfriend named Anthony Vigue. We’ve been dating for about two years now. I also want to share my love for animals with you guys. I have three dogs, a Yellow lab named Clutch, a Cheweenie named Sophia, and a Corgi named Baxter. I’ve had many pets growing up including nine Chinchilla’s, and about forty Chickens, and a Turkey. If you haven’t realized yet I’m a country girl. I’m completely not afraid to get down and dirty. Even though I’m not afraid to get down and dirty, I also have those days where I completely dress up. In high school I was a Varsity Cheerleader, and a Varsity Softball player. Sports were my main thing in high school, but not so much anymore. I work pretty often. I work as a CNA, an EMT, and a Pharmaceutical technician. But when I’m not working I love to hang out with my friends and family. Hope you have a wonderful day!