First Draft of Significant Writing Project

KyLee Morrissette

Professor Emerson

English 104

3 April 2018


Have you ever wondered why science can’t answer everything alone? If so what can we add to the scientific process to make it more helpful and easier to break down those complicated questions.  What if I told you that science can’t answer everything, but with a little help from art could change that. Art is very creative and open mindedness, while in science you are taught to think inside the box. These two groups are very fascinating and interesting in there own way, when you put them together it will help form a newer view of science, and help open up scientists to think of the impossible.

More and more people are less interested in science due to the fact that we know everything or at least everything that is possible because of science. Adding art to science would create a whole new idea of science. It might even help solve the most unthinkable problems by just using something as simple as art. With art there will be so many people actually wanting to go into science and would break away that cultural divide between the two groups.

By adding art into science it can create new possibilities. It opens up a completely new world view for scientists. It even opens up more interests in science from the arts majors.


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