Let’s Talk About Art


The reason why I picked to write this essay is because its had to describe things in person, I much rather write about it making a greater impact and leaving the reader with their own thoughts and idea about this.


This piece is called Human vs. Nature. This piece instantly gave me feelings. It made me think about what we really are doing to our environment. You see how in the gun is a bunch of buildings and city like structures, just waiting to pull the trigger. While mother nature is just accepting defeat. The hand behind the gun is a human hand. To me that makes me believe that this has a greater meaning behind this artwork. That greater meaning to me is that we, humans, are killing the only true beauty and home that we have. We are destroying the Earth. It may not seem it but we literally have our home held at gunpoint, and we don’t know when the trigger will be actually pulled. Here what I mean is we don’t honestly know how much abuse Earth can take. One day, and possibly one day soon we could actually completely destroy the planet and it will collapse or even become a Mars. We just take all we want and give nothing in return. I believe we all should start thinking about this bigger picture. If we don’t make changes soon then there will be no drinkable water, no trees and plants, and non-breathable air. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to live in a world with grey skies from pollution. I do want to see the beauty that nature offers us. Lets stop building big cities and start thinking about becoming more eco friendly. Honestly if we destroy planet Earth than there goes all life, including our own. We only have one home and it’s called planet Earth.


I interviewed my friend Lily, when I first showed her this painting our friend, Sarah goes, “that makes me feel dark and sad.”  I asked her why she felt that way.

Then Lily started to answer, “Humanity is killing Mother Nature.”

I asked her why she says this. She replied with, “That gun is made from cities, and its pointing at Mother Nature.” I was glad she saw the same things I did. I thought I was done when she pointed something out that I didn’t even notice. She stated, “Above Mother Nature it looks like a paradise, and in the cities it looks all polluted and hellish.” Basically we found that this picture is showing a more heaven and hell type of look. This picture had a greater meaning, it was created to help people realize what we are doing to our beloved home.