Blog 8

After reading pages 42-50 in the book They Say I Say, I went over my essay and realized that my into to my quotes were pretty dull. So, I fix it by added who said it and then adding an explanation to what the quote means into my entry. After doing this reading my essay seemed … [Read more…]

Blog 7

After reading pages 17-28 in the Little Seagull, it help me transform my writing into a better creation. Before my writing was all over the place and wasn’t structured at all, and now it reads smoother and gives the reader a better understanding of point I’m trying to get across. It help me shape better … [Read more…]

Blog 5

With my Peer review I mainly notice Idea. I went through everyone papers and some beginning were perfect others weren’t. Like it was kind of boring and not interesting. I told this person to maybe start off with an exciting way to keep the readers intruged into the writing. I also, talked about how one … [Read more…]

Blog 6

My goal to revision my paper to make it better is to reread it. I’m going to go over the comments from my Peer group, and going to take their advise in editing my prompt to make it less of a summery. Also, the brought up a good point about how I was missing a … [Read more…]

Blog 4

After reading my class mates beginning paragraphs it made me think on how I could improve my intro paragraph. I looked at a couple different peoples work and saw that some of there entries and perspectives were completely different from mine. It kind of opened up my eyes to look at it a different way. … [Read more…]

Blog 3

For my TED talk assignment I choose to watch and write about Haas and Hahn and their “How paintings Transform communities.” In this video they talked about how Haas and Hahn went to this community where they make their own homes but some were unfinished due to low income. So, what Haas and Hahn did … [Read more…]

Blog 2

After reading Rhys Southan’s article, Is Art a Waste of Time?, for the second time I can officially say that I actually understood the text more the second time going through it. It also helped that I kept little side notes and put stars next to the ideas that I thought was important or even … [Read more…]

Blog 1

After reading Rhys Southan’s article, Is Art a Waste of Time?, I can’t help but feel a little confused on his true feelings. I’ve noticed that he talks about how he wanted to be a film writer, but didn’t complete his dream and became a EA. This is his description of an EA, “…working hard … [Read more…]