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After reading The Future of Science is Art, Jonah Lehirer, I believe I’ve come to the acknowledgement that art is part of science and without it we’d be nothing. Honestly you can’t do anything with out creativity. Like how did scientists create new inventions while thinking inside the box. They can’t. I can’t. You have to have an open mind and not to be afraid to explore the inner creativity that’s just sitting inside you dying to come out.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle- uncertainty principle

“the bridging principle”- the neural event that would explain the experince of consciousness through the activity of our brain cells

Reductionism- explanation of complex life

Synapse- The point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another

Epiphenomenism- is a secondary effect from a process but does not effect their causally.

Holistic perspective- to see the body as a whole and making sure the person’s viewed as multi-dimensional.

Metaphor- a figure of speech where a word or phrase is applied to someone or something but is not directly applicable.

For the artist in this article I choice Pablo Picasso. Picasso is a true inspiration. He believed he was above the status of just a painter. He wasn’t just an artist. To me he was much more. He was creative and always questioning things in life which got him to think outside the box. This is the reason he is mentioned in this article.

For the scientist I picked David Chalmer. Chalmer believed that you had to be creative to understand this complicated world. The only creative way I can think of was art. Art has an unedifying meaning that everyone interprets in their own way.


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