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Immediate Context: This article is called “Necessary Edges; Arts, and Education” it was written by Yo Yo Ma, and published on the World Post in 2014. Yo Yo Ma attended Juilliard school and than Harvard University. He is a very intelligent person that also loves to write songs He is quite famous for his Grammy Awards

Imposed Context: The reason I read this article is due to the fact I wanted to have a better understanding of Art in educational situations. This article shows how the educational system just ignores art when in actuality they should be encouraging it. This should change because expressing your emotions through art is very important. Without art we are basically emotional less, careless people.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Empirically- originating in or based on observation or experience

Tandem- a group of two or more arranged one behind the other or used or acting in conjunction

Bandwidth- the capacity for data transfer of an electronic communications system

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